Our Network

ULAP Smart Cloud Network

Intelligent connectivity is the first requirement to access the digital world. Smart and application aware networks are the most powerful transformative platform on Earth. Never before has a technology reached so many people so quickly.

Our effort is focused on ensuring that everyone, people and businesses, via a single digital access point, can utilize multiple applications for their digitization needs.


A New Operating Model

The different segments of the network, fixed and or virtual, are the set of systems in the process of transformation to achieve greater flexibility, efficiency and customer orientation. The complexity of intelligent networks will increase rapidly in the coming years and managing them manually will be unfeasible. Automation is absolutely mandatory because without it the network will not be able to grow to offer new services. At ULAP, we are working on transforming our operating models as we implement these new technologies. We are evolving to a customer-data-driven operation supported by artificial intelligence techniques. The ultimate goal is to achieve extreme automation.


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