ULAP Hybird Cloud

A cloud journey that gives you the best of both worlds.

To get the best out of your cloud journey, and ensure it stays budget-friendly, a hybrid cloud solution can provide you with security, performance, and most importantly, choice.

A combination of our public cloud and private cloud solutions means you can dictate what data and applications require the security of a private cloud, and which low hanging fruit is best served by a public cloud solution.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits:
  • FlexibleA hybrid cloud solution will evolve with your company. Short term growth can be incorporated easily into the public cloud, with long term developmentsecure in your private cloud.
  • Budget-friendlyThe choice is your when it comes to determining what is stored in the public or private cloud, giving you more control over your cloud journey spend.
  • SecureWith a hybrid cloud journey, you can choose which business-critical apps and data need enhanced security via the private cloud.

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