ULAP Meet is a simple-to-use, download free video conferencing and collaboration solution that’s secure and built for business communications.

With ULAP Meet you can invite your colleagues and clients to a video conference, and regardless of where they are, you are guaranteed they can participate in the conversation.

ULAP Meet is compatible with all HTML5 browsers, and can also be accessed via the ULAP Meet Android and IOS apps.

With no caps on the number of meetings, the number of participants, or the number of minutes per conference, ULAP Meet is perfect for your business.



  • Ease of accessJust one click on the app or browser and you are in the conference. ULAP Meet requires no downloads, ensuring easy access.
  • Calendar accessAttendees will never miss anyupcoming video conference, with ULAP Meet’s seamless calendar integration with Google and Microsoft.
  • RecordingsULAP Meet allows for full recording of video conferences (audio, video, and desktop) and provides easy cloud storage for future reference and sharing with attendees.
  • Unlimited viewersULAP Meet allows for live streaming over YouTube, allowing you to expand your conference to an unlimited number of attendees.
  • Invite attendeesCan’t get to the app or browser for the conference? ULAP Meet allows for attendees to dial in or be invited from one 50+ countries.

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