ULAP Connect

ULAP Connect

ULAP Connect is a simplified, cost effective and highly reliable solution to manage and optimize companies’ networks using Software Defined Wide Area Network. It is designed to surmount the high costs and the rigidity of the MPLS-based branches connectivity, while providing reliable and secured alternative at a fraction of the cost.

ULAP Connect improves the quality and dependability of the branches connectivity by incorporating Internet transports (such as WIFI, DSL, Fiber and LTE) into the WAN and forming a virtual overlay across all transport layers.

ULAP Connect measures the real-time transport quality (latency and packet loss) and uses Policy-based Routing (PBR) to route application-specific traffic over the most appropriate transport, improving by the same the availability of the data and applications as well as the reliability of the communication.

ULAP Connect enables businesses to efficiently manage more branch locations with fewer staff. By integrating and centralizing management, while lowering or even eliminating the need for costly MPLS connectivity, businesses can achieve a massive saving over a typical deployment.

ULAP Connect offers a centralized management that consolidates the provisioning and remote management of wired and wireless connections within the branch office, as well as WAN and Internet connections. The IT department can quickly implement new services and changes to the network through large distributed environments without the need for on-site intervention.

  • Reduce time to deployment and connectivity complexity using a centralized management
    procedure across branches
  • Improve connectivity’s bandwidth and reliability while reducing the cost
  • Empower the Network Administration through a full visibility into the network
  • Provide businesses with higher flexibility and reliability with the support of multiple
    connection types

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